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Beisbroek / Mission

Cozmix is the visitor centre of the Public Observatory Beisbroek (Volkssterrenwacht Beisbroek), one of the six public observatories in Flanders. The mission of the public observatories is to popularise astronomy, meteorology, space technology and related sciences. This is done by organising different activities for different target groups, always taking in mind personalising the offering on demand. This is done via a group of voluntary enthusiasts (supported by administrative and educational personnel) who expand their expertise to stay up to speed with ongoing developments in the field. The observatories organise activities for the voluntary co-workers – and especially for youngsters - in order to promote their interest in science and technology and eventually to convince scientific or technological studies where appropriate.

The mission of the Flemish Public Observatories is reflected in their strategical targets:
  • The Flemish Public Observatories try to inform a broad public about astronomy, space science and related sciences and technologies.
  • The Flemish Public Observatories become a dedicated centre of expertise for astronomy, space science and related sciences and technologies and for science in technology in general.
  • The Flemish Public Observatories organise their scientific communication to a large extent via personal contacts during which the content is adapted to the wishes and needs of the respective target groups
  • The Flemish Public Observatories develop specific activities for youngsters that contribute to their interest in the areas of sciences and technology
  • The Flemish Public Observatories offer to Flemish researchers a platform to present their scientific work to a broad interested public at large.
  • The Flemish Public Observatories strive for mutual cooperation and structural cooperation with other organisations in the field and develop new initiatives to increase their impact and to anticipate on new developments in society

The strategic targets are translated into operational targets which are realised by offering a broad range of activities that are covered and presented in the rest of the website.

The Public Observatories are expert centres that work with a group of voluntary co-workers to realise their main target – the popularisation of astronomy, space technology and related sciences and technologies to a broad public. By its nature, astronomy covers and has a lot of interactivities with different sciences, therefore the term ‘Observatory’ covers a broader range than suspected at first view - the Public Observatories try to cover relevant actual themes in society.