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For some fancy gadgets, like a scientific astro-calendar or a constellation umbrella, Cozmix is the place to be. All products listed below are available in our astro-shop and can be purchased during a visit
  • 3D postcards and bookmarks
  • Constellation umbrellas
  • Rotating star maps
  • Several posters and star maps
  • Astro calendar and astronomical booklets
  • Jigsaw puzzles with astronomical and space themes
Obviously it is also possible to buy a series of tickets for planetarium shows as a gift to someone.

Producten in de kijker

  • Prijs: 9,50 euro per stuk

  • Prijs: 2,50 tot 3,50 per stuk

  • Prijs: 18,00 euro per stuk

  • Prijs: 12,50 euro per stuk

  • Prijs: 29,95 euro per stuk

  • Prijs: 8,75 euro per stuk

  • Prijs: 3,50 EUR per stuk

  • Prijs: 2,00 euro per stuk

  • Prijs: 19,00 euro per stuk