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Discover / Telescopes

If the planetarium forms the heart of the Cozmix visitor centre, the telescopes form the sensitive eyes of the observatory. The 2 large telescopes in the observatory tower allow to have a closer look at a multitude of astronomical objects. Next to explanations about the instruments it is a pleasure to watch the unique views that will stay in your memory for a long time.
What can be expected if weather conditions allow observations of the skies?


  • Our sun with dark solar spots
  • Solar prominences and solar flares on the edge of the solar disc


  • Spectacular views of the craters and shadows on the lunar surface
  • The 4 moons of giant planet Jupiter
  • The magnificent rings around planet Saturn
  • Chaotic stellar nebulae like the Orion nebula
  • The dim light of distant galaxies
  • ...


  • Observatory dome diameter 5meter
  • Lichtenknecker 20 cm f/15 refractor
  • Lichtenknecker 30 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain Multi Purpose reflector
  • 7 cm refractor with Coronado H-alpha filter for solar prominences
  • Filters, eyepieces, lenses to observe under optimal conditions
  • Webcam, CCD camera for astro-imaging
  • 30cm Dobson telescope
  • Different smaller telescopes for all kinds of observations